It’s been a long haul, but we’ve finally launched the latest updates to My Studio Assistant! We’ve made a lot of improvements to help show your art in its best light, plus some key changes to keep up with advances in search engine and mobile device technologies.

Here’s what’s new:

  • Website templates – more layouts, all ready to go just as they are, plus lots more options for customizing the design and styling of your website
  • Typefaces – an expanded and completely updated set of typefaces to choose from
  • Colours – a much wider range of available background and accent colours
  • Titles – more title styling options for your website
  • Navigation menus – updated styling and design options for your site’s main navigation menu
  • Image thumbnails – lots of new options for styling your catalog and portfolio thumbnails, including some exciting new hover effects
  • Portfolio pages – “lazy loading” of thumbnail images, so visitors don’t need to wait for every image to download into their browser before the page is ready to read
  • More site content – more opportunities to add search engine-friendly descriptive text to the sidebars of each page on your site, plus the option to add links for ‘professional affiliations’ directly onto your profile page
  • Mobile devices – loads of exciting design, styling, and technical improvements to how your site performs on smartphones and tablets
  • Social media – major improvements to how links to your social media pages are included and displayed throughout your website
  • Content management – loads of organizational and styling improvements to the content and account management sections of My Studio Assistant
  • Search visibility – lots of improvements to the technical underpinnings of your website, making it easier to get noticed and ranked by Google, Bing, and the other search engines
  • Overall performance – all website templates and most of My Studio Assistant’s “internal engine” have been rebuilt to make things work faster and more smoothly

Plenty  more improvements and new features will be arriving over the next several months. We’ll keep you posted as we get them ready!

Arnold & Arsen
— Team MSA